Web Application Developer

We are an energy consulting firm looking to contract a full stack web application developer to continue development on an existing web application.

This is a brownfield project that needs maintenance, feature addition, and potentially participation in migration to a new platform/architecture.

The successful candidate must have at a minimum:

  • 2 years experience developing python/Django applications
  • 2 years experience developing Javascript/Coffeescript front end interfaces

This project uses several other technologies. Experience is not mandatory but is desirable. At a minimum, the successful candidate will need to acquire ability to use these technologies quickly:

  • DevOps with Heroku
  • DevOps with AWS S3
  • DevOps with Docker
  • Provisioning with Puppet
  • Database administration of PostgreSQL as Django backing store
  • Task scheduling with Celery/Redis
  • Distributed version control with git
  • Bash-based build system with some gulp tasks
  • Front-end development with Backbone.js/Marionette
  • Vagrant
  • Bower
  • Backgrid
  • Bootstrap
  • Highcharts
  • RESTful API development with django-tastypie

The key ability for this project is the ability to work with a large existing codebase folding in new features and improving existing ones.

Please contact me at erik.e.evenson@gmail.com with your resume if you are interested.